Amazon Instant Search with InstantZon


Instant search is getting viral on many services. Also it makes our search simple by reducing some clicks because we get the search results as we type. Previously we had talked about Ozone extension for chrome which brings Instant search to almost 20+ services such as YouTube, iTunes, Google maps etc.

InstantZon is an web app that lets you to do a fast product search on Amazon prodcuts. Amazon Instant search app, where you can start typing and the product results will instantly appear. Before start typing, you can select the category under which you need to search such as electronics, beauty, shoes, mp3 downloads and many more.

Suppose, if you’re searching for Kindle product on Amazon Instant search, while you type Kindle, beside it lists some related products to kindle such as Kindle cover, cases, kindle light etc. If you’re looking for the related products, you can click them and get your search results.

Amazon Instant Search – InstantZon

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