Add Aero, Transparency on Firefox with Glasser


Previous post we had seen Firefox Office 2010 theme which includes a aero effect and transparency, now here is an special addon to add the aero effect in your Firefox browser.

Glasser addon for Firefox adds the Windows Vista glass frame to Firefox toolbars. It adds little bit of transparency, Aero effect to your favorite browser. A complete Glasser transformation. It just adopts Aero in Firefox, reduces the opacity of the outline on browser.

This extension requires Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, or their server counterparts with Areo Glass as the active Visual Style.

Download Glasser Firefox addon

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  1. vector says:

    rather cool application

  2. Bligbook says:

    Cool tricks…


  3. Crunchynow says:

    Transparency features……awesome…..

  4. Crunchynow says:

    translucency is what i like the most…..

  5. milos says:

    Cool tricks…

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