What is My First Tweet ? Find out your First Tweet on Twitter


Want to find out what is your first tweet which you tweeted @twitter ? I just browsed some apps which lets you to find out your first tweet, but not satisfied. Here is a small trick that will let you to find out your first tweet on twitter. I tested out and it’s working perfectly. Here you go !

This trick may not work now. You can try this one. Find First tweet app

1. Go to your twitter profile (http://twitter.com/madrasgeek)

2. Now replace your username with this link – http://twitter.com/madrasgeek?page=2 , Put your twitter username in the place of ‘madrasgeek’.

3. The page=2 which is embeded with the link will display your tweet archives.

4. As per twitter tweet archive, per page it will display 20 tweets. Suppose if you have total 684 tweets, then at http://twitter.com/madrasgeek?page=34 , you will pass the 680 tweets. and on the page=35 , you will find the rest of 4 tweets.

5. So finally on the page=35, you can see your first tweet. The numbers which i have taken are an example of @madrasgeek profile. You should replace it with your own profile.

6. Just have a mind calculation of total number of tweets divided by 20 per page. So that you will know how many pages should be done to see your first tweet.

7. For example Change the “page=2″ to “page=200″ and so on ..

I have tested this personally on @madrasgeek profile and it worked out perfectly. Give it a try and let me know.

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  1. Twitter gives me an error message when i tried. It says “tweets no available” All well

  2. Cool trick but isn’t working after Page=160. Any other app available?

  3. Nyetok says:

    This is not applicable to user with over 3200 tweets..

  4. izzy says:

    hey :) i tried this way, but it wouldnt let me get past page 180, is there any other way?

  5. vicky says:

    this doesn’t work with the new twitter.

  6. SiD says:

    By that calculation, my page number should be 877.

    Twitter isn’t showing me, though.

  7. Anil says:

    Now it doesn’t work ;p

  8. Rawan says:

    I have 33,433 tweets, I tried it but it didn’t work :c Is it because I have too many tweets?

  9. renee says:

    its works not.. He change not i see the last tweet everytime, but i want the first :(

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