Use Twitter from Microsoft Outlook with TwInbox


Integrating Twitter into Microsoft Outlook ? How cool is that ? You may have to open Outlook all the time and creating a separate tab on outlook for twitter to get tweet updates without leaving Microsoft outlook. Yes, it can be done with a small addon named ‘Twinbox’.

TwInbox is a free extension for Microsoft Outlook that allows you to use twitter from the email client. Once you’ve installed Twinbox, you can update status, send pictures to your twitter stream, reply to messages, group text, search, manage multiple accounts at the same time, send direct messages, shorten URLs with, see statistical charts etc.

One of the best productivity addon for Outlook. Twinbox works with Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 with the latest Service Pack and does NOT work with Outlook Express.

Check out the start guide for Twinbox and tutorial to install and use Twinbox with your Outlook client

TwInbox – Using twitter from Outlook

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