Upload YouTube Videos More than 15 minutes with VidSnip


Now YouTube has increased the video time limit from 10 minutes to 15 minutes, But how to upload YouTube videos more than 15 minutes ? Recently found this tool named VidSnip which specializes in uploading YouTube videos of any length. Say you can upload your short film movie of 30 minutes on YouTube. Just use VidSnip and upload YouTube videos longer than 15 minutes.

VidSnip is a online tool that allows you to upload YouTube videos more than 15 minutes. How can it overcome the restriction made by YouTube ? VidSnip.com doesn’t break any rules of YouTube, but it uses an awesome logic behind uploading these videos which are more than 15 minutes. Let me explain you the logic behind this Vidsnip.com

We upload our videos on YouTube and Only upto 15 minutes it can play on YouTube. Similar to it, we upload the videos on VidSnip.com. Once we have uploaded the videos (which is more than 15 mins) on VidSnip.com, VidSnip will snip the videos into multiple segments and then it will upload all the multiple segments to our YouTube channel. and Finally VidSnip will create a playlist linking all the video segments, to be clear It will glue all the video segements by creating a playlist.

So that when a viewer starts watching a video segment, it will play all the videos continously via the playlist which is created. So obivously with a single click they were meant to be longer than 15 minutes. Cool isn’t it ? If you don’t have an YouTube account, no problem. It is not neccesary to have an YouTube account to use VidSnip.com. You can use the service to simply snip your videos and download the segments to your computer.

Check out the sample video which is created using VidSnip. This video is total of 39 minutes which is chopped down to 15 mins videos and one 9 mins videos. Finally all the three are linked with a playlist.

VidSnip – Upload YouTube Videos more than 15 mins.

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