Top Tools for your Small Business WordPress Site


If you’re a small business owner, then you know the importance of making what you’ve got work. This is especially true for your blog or website. If you are using WordPress, there are some awesome tools available to help you make the most of your time and money.- which means utilizing free plugins and themes.

Facebook Insights

If you have a “like” button on your blog or your blog posts integrate with your Facebook page, then you’re likely seeing the benefits of linking your WordPress site and Facebook. But right now, you need to know who’s “liking” you page and who is visiting you. This is where Facebook Insights come into play. You can actually see statistics and demographics specific to the audience visiting your site. Facebook Insights will help you find information such as daily likes, daily shared, feedback, and re-share rate. You’ll also be able to find the age and gender of your visitors. That’s marketing gold!

Google Analytics

If you aren’t already using Google Analytics, change your ways now! Google Analytics is a powerful tool that will help you track where your website traffic is coming from. You can easily add Google Analytics to any page on your website or blog without changing the template. Once you have the ability, you can track outbound links, track downloads, and track unique visitors. You will be able to tell how many new visitors you have each day and where they are landing on your website.

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Contact Form

A contact form on your WordPress site is an absolute must. This is where visitors can get in touch with you. You can use a simple contact form to capture leads. Visitors enter their contact information and then you have an automatic lead. With WordPress lead captures you can actually have the lead information organized for you.

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All-in-One SEO Packs

One of the most useful features WordPress offers is the All-in-One SEO pack. Using SEO is how new people find you and how you increase your search engine rankings. Basically, if your SEO isn’t functioning right, then your site is dead. The all-in-one SEO pack is a plug-in that has been created to help you perform some of the best SEO practices specifically for WordPress sites. You can create titles, descriptions, keywords, and tags all in one convenient location.

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Free Elegant WordPress Themes

You’re going to need to have a nice and clean presence online. Once you find a nice skeleton for WordPress theme, you can get into the HTML and CSS to make sure it’s branded with your logo and coloring.

The theme is almost the one thing that can initially draw a potential consumer in. If your site is cluttered or annoyingly loud, no one is going to want to stay. Make sure you pick something that’s calm to the eye, yet not too bare. Some examples?

Zoxengen WordPress Theme

The Zoexengen theme is a free theme that has the ability to host advertising/sponsors in your sidebar, as well as a featured post area. Perfect if you’re showcasing products or other important posts.

Business Turnkey

The Business Turnkey WordPress theme is a two column theme with three layout designs and three typography styles. You aren’t held to any one particular design, so whichever one suits your image is the one you can use.

These tools and themes have been created especially to help you make the most out of your WordPress site- there’s tons of others out there so make sure you look around the WordPress theme and plugin directory for those that help you the most.

As a small business owner, these tools will save you time and money, while growing your business. Try these tools out for yourself and discover how your business will quickly and efficiently grow.

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  1. Google Analytics and Facebook Insights are the best tools for any small business website owners. Thanks for sharing others. :)

  2. Balaji says:

    I like Business Turnkey theme…. let me try out now :-)

    Thanks for the info :-)

  3. Great tools! In regard to wordpress themes, I think a good SEO-friendly wp theme is Thesis Theme. It’s very user-friendly and more importantly, it allows you to configure your theme in such a way that it would be SEO-ready.

    I also found good source of information about tips for your small business on this site:

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