5 Best Tips For Safe Browsing on the Web


As a normal Internet user who doesn’t go much deep into security aspects, commonly get affected due to malware, virus and other malicious attacks. Why does they get affected so often ? This is mainly because, lack of proper guidance and knowledge about how to safely browse the web. What I want to share with you all is, the basic necessary security tips that novice should understand and spread to everyone for a safer browsing experience.

These Google safe browsing will apply to everyone such as child safe browsing and from novice to experts should be aware of the safe browsing techniques and practise safe browsing on the web. We have already talked a lot about Private browsing, anonymous browsing on Firefox and the best 5 things that one should do as soon as getting a new computer. Now lets see some of the best security tips for safer browsing experience.

Update Browser Versions, Antivirus :

You must always use the latest version of any browser such as IE9, Firefox 4, Chrome 7, latest version of safari, Opera etc. While using the latest version, you’re completely out of risk and you will get amazing fast browsing experience. If you’re using the old version, then you may be easily attacked with some bugs and also If you don’t update your antivirus, then latest threats cannot be detected, which results in slow internet connection, slow browsing and ultimately webpages will be opened in snail pace. 5 Free Antivirus Programs for your PC.

Use Safe Filter Addons for browsers :

If you’re interested in using addons, there are number of addons which gives you the best safer browsing such as addons like WOT for safe browsing trusted sites and restricted sites etc. If you need to block unwanted sites and pornographic websites, then you can use the FoxFilter addon to block these websites.

Use HTTPS to Enter Personal Information :

Enter your personal information only when the site is encrypted with https. Suppose if you’re purchasing and need to use your credit card or bank details, make sure the site has https. Example : (https://yourbankname.com). Never enter your personal information in untrusted sites. For this only you have to install the WOT addon which is mentioned in the previous point. It will display the trusted and untrusted sites easily.

Strong Passwords :

Always use strong passwords for all your email accounts, bank accounts etc. If you’re not able to create strong passwords, you can use refer this 15 tips to create strong passwords, how to create ultra strong password, If you’re having different passwords for different accounts, try this best password manager which manages all your passwords easily. You can also carry your password like a credit card in your wallet, check out how ?

Never Use Save Password Option :

Don’t enable the Save Password option in any browser. Suppose if you’re using some public computer, never use the save password option or don’t enable the remember password option. It is very dangerous, you may forget to logout and there are high chances of other people misusing your accounts.

Additionally there are tools that are useful to check virus on websites. Before visiting certain websites, if you’re in a doubt, you can enter the URL of the website and check whether it is infected with virus or not.

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