Square Privacy Cleaner, Best Alternative to CCleaner


Already we had discussed alot about CCleaner, the best freeware tool to clean up your PC’s where it can remove unwanted junk, repair registry files, and also speed up your computer. Adding to it, we had also seen CCEnhancer tool which adds more 270 programs to the CCleaner. Now let’s check out the best alternative tool to CCleaner named ‘Square Privacy Cleaner’

Square Privacy Cleaner is a freeware privacy protection tool that removes all the unwanted junks, browser history, erase Windows traces, recent opened documents, prefetch files, clipboard cache, MRU lists, temp folders, junk files, making PC operation fast and smooth.

You can clean Internet traces, like cookies, history and cache of popular web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome. Cleaning of third-parties applications is also supported, is possible to erase WinRAR history, WinZIP history, Java cache, Java logs, Java temporary folders, Media Player Classic history, Borland Delphi history, Microsoft Office history, and many more.

Square Privacy Cleaner has portable version too. No need to install anything and you can carry this free tool anywhere on the USB drive. So when you open Square privacy cleaner, it displays 5 tabs such as Windows General, Web browsers, Temp folders, Applications and Junk files.

You can clean all the recent folder, clipboard cache, wordpad history, empty recycle bin, remote desktop cache etc. You can also delete all the browsing history at one click. It supports firefox, IE, chrome and opera. You can clean up applications and also junk files. Ultimately it will increase your computer speed.

Download Square Privacy Cleaner | Portable edition

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  1. Nice blog… Inspiration blog… thanks for sharing…..

  2. But these registries cleaners are a great reason for the inhabiting the potential; malware in the computer and making it vulnerable to viruses, if you can suggest any CCcleaner would be greatful.

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