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Using the print screen button on Windows you can take a screenshot of your website, but have you ever thought of sharing your desktop view to your twitter followers ? There is a unique service named ‘TwitDesktop’ where twitter users share their desktop view, wallpapers, themes and icons on twitter. This is a simple mashup of photo sharing website with twitter, but the unique idea behind it has taken away this service to an extreme level.

TwitDesktop is a simple web service that lets you to share your desktop screenshot on twitter. You can upload your desktop screenshot and share pictures and photos right on your timeline. This web application allows you to upload your desktop screenshot along with the Wallpaper which you’re using with the theme and icons.

All you need do is, just allow this TwitDesktop application to authorize your twitter account, Once you’re done with the authorization, you can upload the desktop screenshot picture and also themes, wallpapers and icons which you’re using on your desktop.

Now push the status to your twitter so that all your twitter friends can see how your desktop looks, and also they can download the same wallpaper which you’re using along with the themes and icons only if you’ve uploaded.

If you’re wondering how to take your desktop screenshot, you can check out the following tools which we have covered

Free Screenshot tool for Windows

If you don’t want any screen capture tool to be installed, you can use the basic method of hitting the Print Screen button on your keyboard, after that open the Microsoft Paint and hit ‘CTRL+V’ to paste the picture from clipboard.

You can also browse the TwitDesktop application to view other twitter users who has shared their deskop screenshot. Check out my Desktop screenshot which I have tried with TwitDesktop

Interesting tool, TwitDesktop.

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