Set up Desktop Reminders on Chrome with RemindMe


We had talked alot about to-do list reminder apps and online reminder tools that ensures you wouldn’t get carried away with browsing, reminding yourself of online stuff that you want to do later, job tasks that need to be done at a specific time, or just about anything that you would hate to miss!

RemindMe is a useful and awesome Google chrome extension that reminds you of your work by alerting a desktop notification with beautiful sounds. What’s more special in this extension ? Its similar to other reminder extensions for chrome, but it also has some extra-ordinary features.

RemindMe extension is sync with Google chrome browser and your Google account. Suppose, if you set a reminder on your Office machine, you can get an alert in your home laptop. Cool isn’t it ? Your reminders get synchronized securely between computers through the Chrome built-in “Synchronize My Bookmarks” functionality.

A reminder is set in two ways. Either specify “in” what time you should be reminded, say an hour from now, or “on” what time you should be reminded, say next week at 10am. Once you’ve set the reminder, it alerts you both browse notification by opening a new tab reminder page and also desktop notification.

It separates your reminders such as either coming reminder or missed reminder. You can use the options to set the reminder sound such as beep, classic, snooze etc.You can also add a reminder to your Google Calendar by clicking on the reminder in the popup then clicking on the “Add to Google Calendar”

RemindMe Extension – Desktop reminders on Google Chrome

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  1. F. de Zeeuw says:

    Very useful tip thank you very much…

  2. I pretty much use Remember the Milk for all of my reminders, but this looks pretty simple too. Heading over to check it out with a little more detail to see if it can replace Remember the Milk.

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