Set Image as Desktop Wallpaper in Chrome


On the past we had talked alot about changing wallpapers automatically on PCs and also the best website to download wallpapers for desktop and laptops. Now this is pretty interesting. What will you do if you like a image on the net and wanted to have it as your desktop wallpaper ? We usually save the picture on our desktop and then right click it to keep it as our desktop background wallpaper. But with this chrome extension, you can directly set the image as desktop wallpaper.

Set image as wallpaper extension for Google chrome lets you to keep an image as wallpaper just by right click context menu in Google chrome browser. No need to save any image/picture to the PC. Just right click on the picture and make it as desktop wallpaper. You can also make it tile, strech the images and various options.

What I did was, just went to Google images, searched for Cars and Bikes images, I used the options which is present on the left side of image search, entered my query to restrict the image search only to resolutions of my desktop screen size (1024×768) and finally it throwed alot of car images, just select one and right clicked it on the image and made it as wallpaper. How quick isn’t it ?

Download Set image as wallpaper extension for Google Chrome

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