Sell Old Electronics, Gadgets for Cash, Recycle them with Ebay Instant Sale


Ebay is one of the best places to shop online goods. You can get from a small pin to big gadgets and household stuff. On the past we had also seen some Online shopping websites and cheap discount online stores. If you’re a ebay buyer, seller you can also check out how to monitor ebay auctions and bid at the last second.

Now how about recycling your old electronic gadgets, mobile phones, used laptops and many more for instant cash. You can sell your old gadgets and get money for them. when there is a new tablet or an electronic device, the old one which you were using will be in dust. So companies like eBay has started a service named ‘Instant Sale’ where you can sell your old electronics such as GPS, portable consoles, phones, cameras, etc

Ebay Instant Sale is a service from eBay where you can recycle your old electronic gadgets for money. Just type in your gadget name exactly and select the model. Answer few questions like the is it on working condition, fully functional etc, then calculate the amount for your old electronic gadget.

Once you’ve agreed with everything, then accept and get the mail cover, where you can ship your old gadget for free. Once it is verified, then the amount will be deposited in your PayPal account. If your device has no value and does not sell, then it will be recycled for Free.

Green eBay Instant Sale

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    No need to bid the gadgets anywhere rather than ebay :-)

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