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Finding a good place to pass your time ? FriendShuffle is one of the best places where I spend my time. Friends Shuffle is a place where you can find links and likes from your Facebook and Twitter friends which are Shuffled through content shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

FriendShuffle is a simple web page that allows you to view what your friends are sharing on Facebook and Twitter. All you need to do is, just go to and sign in with your Facebook and Twitter. If you want to check out what you’re friends are sharing on Facebook, then click on the Facebook and allow it to authorize your facebook profile. If you want to see on twitter, then use oAuth app and allow the application to access your twitter profile.

Once you’ve done with this, it will display all the likes, links which are shared by your friends on Facebook and Twitter. On the top navigation, it displays a sticky bar with the name of your friend and also two buttons named ‘I like it too’ and ‘Shuffle it’.

If you click on the Shuffle it, it will shuffle from the links shared and will display. You can simply have fun time with this tool. Just keep on shuffling and liking the pages.

Check out FriendShuffle

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