Save Thumbnails, Take screenshots from Videos with Movie Thumbnailer


You can easily save thumbnails and screenshots from a streaming video. If you have used VLC player, there is an in-built option to take screenshots from the streaming video in VLC player, but if you’re using some other media player, then how to take screenshot or movie thumbnails from the videos ? And also if you’re posting videos on the web for download, you can add screenshots to it. So that people will check out the screenshot of the videos before they download to PC.

Movie thumbnailer is an open source tool that lets you to save thumbnails, take screenshots of movie or video files and convert to jpeg image files. It can take thumbnails, screenshots of all video formats such as 3gp .avi .dat .mkv .wmv, mpeg, divx etc. It runs on all operating system Linux, Windows and which has gcc, FFmpeg, and GD.

Features :

  • Sleek interface and super fast.
  • Command line program can be used on remote connections to co-location servers, or used in scripts.
  • Batch mode: recursively search directories for movie files.
  • Run at lower priority by default. To run at normal priority use -n option.
  • Thumbnails are group together in one jpeg file and can be saved individually too (-I option).
  • Work fine with Unicode filenames in both Linux & Windows (might need to change the font with -f fontfile).

Movie thumbnailer is a command-line program so its usage will mostly be done in a shell or command prompt. The usage files and how to guides will be there inside the download file. Once you’ve unzipped the download file, look out for doc folder and usage html file.

Download Movie Thumbnailer

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