Resize Images based on Mobile Devices Screen with TinySrc


On the past we had seen many online image resizing tools and also browser extensions where it crops and resizes images on the fly. There are also many desktop image resizing tools that would help you to crop your images and resize according to your needs. Now, let’s check out an online tool where it resizes the images according to the screen size of the device. It resizes images based on the devices screen size such as iPad, iPhone, Desktop computer, Widescreen tablet etc.

Suppose if you’re creating a web page, you should bear in mind that can be read from any devices such as mobile phones and medium sized tablets which has different screen sizes. What creates a problem here is rendering of image sizes which cannot be altered in size to accommodate the reading system used.

To solve this image scaling problem for devices, tinySrc is a script tool that will alter the size of the images automatically to fit the device screen which is used to display the content. All you have to need is, just replace or prefix a small tinySrc link before the image link.

To use just have to replace the url of your image ( by adding the script in front of it (, visitors will see the picture with the right size and not have to worry much with programming.

TinySrcScale images to fit the browser

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  1. oh wow!! that’s really great. & the best part is my friends will see the picture with the right size and i don’t have to worry with the programming part.. thanx man ..will definitely try it and revert with feedback..

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