Reduce PNG File Size Smaller with PngOptimizer


PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image format is one of the best image formats to use on websites and also send to other people via email or IM. It utilizes lossless compression, meaning no image data is lost when saving or viewing the image. PNG gives you the original image quality. So if you’ve any other image formats such as BMP, TGA, GIF easily convert it to PNG and optimize images.

PngOptimizer is free tool that reduces png file sizes smaller and optimizes for the best performance. It just needs drag and drop to process the images. It lets you to batch process the images and reduce the file size of PNG files.

This tool is simply easy to use as you can see drag and drop feature and there is no installation required. You can simply use it. The only drawback is that, it doesn’t support JPEG files for optimization.

Download PNG Optimizer

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  1. Saket says:

    I have tried this app, doesn’t optimize very well and the compression rate is also very small.

  2. Jessica says:

    I think Application is fine and i used this application as i want..

  3. Crunchynow says:

    wow…it will be very helpful in my blogging…..

  4. The reason that it doesn’t support JPEG is that JPEG is a lossy format. And yes, I fully agree with my fellow mate making the first comment.

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