12 Reasons Why People Unfollow You on Twitter – Coz You’re Sick ?


If you’re not aware of your followers unfollowing you, then you must check out our previous articles on finding out people who unfollowed you on twitter, Tools to unfollow people on twitter, and also you can find out which tweet of yours made people to unfollow you or follow you. So now the point is, why do they unfollow you on twitter ? Here are some reasons which people say when unfollowing someone on twitter. Why do they want to ? Here you go..

Auto DM

Tweeps who automatically send you Direct message when you follow them. For example, if you follow some persons on twitter, then next moment you receive an direct message saying, ” Here is my million dollar gift, try out my software, affiliate links, training material, and full of spam links. So the first thing after following is to Unfollow them.

Continous spamming of links

If you’re going to tweet only links then people may consider you as a Bot and not an human. So act like a human. Nothing wrong in tweeting links that you’re sharing, but don’t behave like a computer bot. Engage with people on twitter.

Following but no conversation

As I have already told, engaging with people on twitter is one of the rule to follow. Twitter is for engaging, networking and participating. If you’re going to follow some one and don’t converse with them, then they might think you as dead. Just don’t be dumb, if you follow some one, do converse and engage with them on twitter.

You talk only about your product

If you’re going to talk only about your products such as affiliate, training programs and as i have already told in the first point, automatic direct message where you spread your products and affiliates. If you’re going to spam your blog links only, then be ready to get unfollowed.

Sponsored tweets

There are many ad networks where you can earn money by tweeting sponsored tweets. If you’re greedy to earn money on twitter, make sure you lose your followers. Twitter is not a place to make money.

One sided Traffic

You only ask for retweets but never retweet our tweets. This is purely one sided traffic, if your not going to show the love both side, then how do expect to follow you ? If you’re going to keep asking only for retweets, obviously people get annoyed and unfollow will happen.

Very Rude

If you’re going to use always the F words, then people wouldn’t love to follow you. Too much of pointing out mistakes and showing the anger on twitter or tweeting only the fail tweets, then unfollow will happen.

Too much of twitterfeed

If you’re going to add feeds of all the blogs and spam your timeline with too much of twitterfeed, then you know what would happen. I can see many people adding the feeds of top blogs like mashable, techcrunch, gizmodo and much more to their twitterfeed list. Why you shouldn’t add the feeds of the top blogs, already the blog is well established to the larger audience and most of the people will know and will be following their post regularly, if you’re going to add the feeds and if you keep boring them, then unfollow might happen.

Too much of Hashtags

If you’re adding too much of hashtags in your tweets, then people get annoyed. They will not be able to read your tweets. first of all, you’re tweeting for the people to read and not for the twitter search engines .

Twitter asks, what are you upto ?

May be it is twitter’s mistake. You take twitter words very seriously, when they ask you, ‘What are you upto?’ you say im walking on the road, im eating icecreams, i found the bus running on the road, aeroplane is flying above my head and blah blah blah. because of this an unfollow might happen.

Alien language

If you’re going to tweet in some alien language, then no one will understand what you tweet and there by chances of unfollowing.

Here are some of the tools which we discussed earlier , Twitter tool to unfollow people who doesn’t follow you, Unfollow people in bulk at single click, and You should also read this 3 things you must consider before following people on twitter and 25 Golden rules for building better twitter relationship & 5 tools to find out who unfollowed you on twitter.

Maybe we shouldn’t implement these mistakes and lose our followers. Please Note : I never wrote this article keeping my twitter followers in mind and am not a twitter guru to give you such advices. Just a thought to share.

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  1. Best post I’ve read on your blog since I subscribed, so many annoying reasons. I’ve written a few posts like this myself did you feel like you could have made this a list of 50 things? I know when I wrote mine I did, actually to the point it made me write a part II. haha

    I also stop following bloggers that don’t retweet if I’m nice enough to RT their stuff. Some are against that thought process, I’m not.

  2. Murugappan says:

    Great post Sri!
    But speaking in alien language hasn’t lost me any followers.
    May be because I use the hash tag #tamil before tamil tweets.
    Moreover, friends don’t unfollow you just like that. If somebody unfollows you, he is the kind of person who don’t like your tweets. So it need not bother us even if that person unfollows us. :P

  3. many of the followers unfollow because they dont find the person worthy of following and they think he is not in good condition to tweet to all his followes and the re-tweets and the reply are the differentiating factors

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