Power Saving Utility for PC with SmartPower


There are many power saving mode for computers to reduce the computer power supply and energy. Why should you use this power saving mode on vista or windows 7 or even Windows XP ? Suppose if you’re computer is going to be switched on till midnight to download files, and you might not know when actually the download gets over and once after it is finished downloading, the computer power will be switched on untill you manually turn off. So, to avoid this, you can use Power saving tools that saves power by hibernating / shutdown or resuming your Windows PC according to configurable rules.

SmartPower is a freeware that saves power energy of your computers by hibernating, shut down or resuming PC according to your configuration. Mainly this tool is most needed when times at torrent download, Windows Home servers and HTPC’s.

Once you’ve downloaded SmartPower, go to Smart Power, open the SmartPower configuration and you can schedule the time when you start and when to end the power of system. You can set the target power state as shutdown, etc. You can also set SmartPower configuration when one or more devices are online.

The next thing is Network throughput (the bytes flowing through a particular interface) is above a configurable threshold or when the CPU usage is above a configurable threshold. Even you can set when one or more processes are running.

Download SmartPower

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  1. Nice post and the enhancements are really good, nice software to use .

  2. Stuart Thurstan says:

    This could be a great utility but it has one major flaw for me. I need to monitor system requests to ensure the system doesn’t shut down if I’m watching a movie on my htpc, but unfortunately my VPN connection also creates a system request meaning smart power can never shut it down. It would be good if processes could be included or excluded from the power requests monitoring.

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