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Imagine you are organising a dinner party or group get together at a restaurant, such as the office Christmas party. Inviting guests and finding out exactly what each individual wants to eat can be a laborious task. Fortunately, there is now a dedicated online meal pre ordering application to help you do just that.

Cenabo is an online meal pre ordering application, which helps organisers collect and manage guest menu selections during the run up to an event. To explain it in short, simply sign up with Cenabo for free and enter the event details such as location, date, time, party size, pre order deadline etc. Then, add your menu and send your guests invitations. They can then view details regarding your event, as well as conveniently submit their pre order online.

Cenabo manages the entire pre order process in a professional manner. It helps you find out exactly what all of your guests want to eat. In my personal opinion, it’s a great time saver, which allows you to focus on other areas that will make your event an even greater success.

Cenabo not only helps you collect pre orders from guests, it organises all the information into an ideal format for the venue. You can also take advantage of additional time-saving tools, such as automatic reminders, reliable RSVPs and detailed reports.

As Cenabo is an online application, it is not restricted to certain areas. In fact, you can use it from any part of the world, with any venue and menu of your choosing. Just give it a go for your next event, and if you like their service, there are no restrictions on the number of events you can create either.

Traditionally, you might be use to pen-and-paper methods of handling pre orders, which can prove inefficient, costly and unreliable. We live in a digital world and Cenabo is helping digitalise a typically time-consuming process.

Here is a step-by-step guide to organising an event with Cenabo:

1. Sign up for a free account, where you can manage events up to 25 people
2. Go to the ‘My Events’ tab and click ‘Create Event’
3. Enter the event details

4. Click ‘Next’ and enter the menu details

5. Click ‘Next’ to check your event and menu details before clicking ‘Submit Data’ to create your event

6. Add guests to your event and send invitations

7. Guests can conveniently submit their pre order online

It really is that simple! For more information, visit, or take a look at their Facebook page, Twitter account or Blog.

Go on, you must try Cenabo; after all it’s FREE!!

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