Show the Number of Visitors on WordPress Posts, Pages with WP-PostViews


If you have read Lifehacker or some other website where the number of visits that individual posts has got is displayed in the side or bottom of the posts. Similar to that, here is an WordPress plugin that lets you to display the number of hits or visits that individual post has got.

WP-PostViews plugin for WordPress enables you to display how many times a post/page had been viewed. Like other WordPress plugins, you can simply install from the dashboard or by uploading the plugin files to the plugin folder.

Once you’ve installed the WP-PostViews plugin, go to settings > Postviews. There you can check out the available options. You can count views from Guests only, every visitor or registered users only. According to the option, the visit count will be displayed below the each blog posts.

You can also exclude the bot views such as Google bot, Yahoo bot, Bing bot, Ask bot and other search engine bots which visits your websites for the latest post crawl. You can also set the display of visit count on Homepages, single posts, pages, archives, search pages and other pages. By default view counts will be displayed to all visitors.

Download WP-PostViews Plugin for WordPress.

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  1. Crunchynow says:

    wow…amazing plugin to check the total number of visits in each posts…


  2. It is really a good plugin but i don’t know whether it is compatible with thesis theme or not :(

  3. Spektakuler says:

    Thanks for your plugin……

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