Move Firefox Tabs using Keyboard Shortcut Keys with Move Tabs


Firefox is one the world’s best web browser. The support for extensions, themes and lot more interesting security features makes Firefox to stand first around the web. When talking about Firefox tabs, we had discussed many things such as Adding multiple rows on Firefox tabs which makes tabs on firefox clutter free, coloring Firefox tabs to distinquish easily and We had also reviewed many useful Firefox addons that you can check out.

Move Tabs Firefox extension lets you to move your Firefox tabs using the keyboard shortcuts. Suppose if you want to move your tab, all these days taking your mouse cursor and clicking on the current tab and dragging it. Now with this firefox extension, you can move your tabs with the keyboard keys.

Once you’ve installed this extension, check out its working by opening 5 to 6 tabs on your Firefox browser. The keyboard shortcuts for this extension are :

[Ctrl][Shift] [PageUp] and [PageDown] to move along the tab bar.

[Ctrl][Shift] [Home] and [End] to move at both ends.

Download Move Tabs Firefox Extension

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  1. i never knew how to use the shortcuts in the keyboards but i think by installing this application i can learn and even use the keys thats make my goo to use the key board .
    thanks increasing my kwnoledge

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