Matrix Style Computer Screen Lock with Quark


Normally when you want to lock the Windows screen, you would just hit Windows Key + L on your keyboard which will result in the Windows screen lock. Now, how about having a matrix styled computer lock screen ? it would look cool isn’t it ?

Quark is a Matrix-styled powerful security tool that protects your computer from unauthorized access by locking the screen and denying any user interaction until the correct password is entered. The whole screen is filled up with rows of scrolling green characters with a password box blinking in the foreground.

Adding to the Matrix style visual effects, there are high tech, robotic sound effects that can be heard during the locking, exiting, starting, typing password letters etc. All you need to do is, just download Quark. Unzip it and open the folder. When you’ve opened the folder, you will see two exe files named ‘QLoad.exe’ and ‘Quark.exe’.

First double click the QLoad.exe and set your password. Once you’ve set your password. Click the Quark to lock the screen. When the screen is locked, you can’t access any application of the computer. Once the correct password is entered, hit the enter button and you will be back to normal where you have left the work.

When the computer is locked, not even Ctrl+Alt+Del works. The visual effects and sound effects are cool. Just try out.

Download Quark – Matrix style computer lock.

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  1. Ela says:

    Tried, looks cool

  2. Robin says:

    its for windows xp or works with windows 7 as well ?

  3. anonymous says:

    i have try to crack it and i crackt it in not even 2 min.
    *1 you CAN use Ctrl+Alt+Del, so use it !
    *2 you pres the log off button (in the screen from ctrl+alt+del)
    *3 the program shuts down and de pc ask if you want to save you document
    *4 you click simply cancel
    *5 your pc is of lock and not logged off

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