Make Me Zombie Transform Photos into Zombies


Even though halloween has just finished for the year, you can always bookmark this tool which can turn youuself into a Zombie for halloween. This online image editing tool is so simple that, just upload your photo, it detects your face and adds a Zombie effect for the Halloween.

Make Me Zombie is an excellent online tool that turns your photo into Zombies. Scar your friends by adding Zombie effects to your photos. You can also save the avatar and use it on your social profiles as display picture. You can save the image, share it with friends on social networking sites and also embed it on websites and blogs.

This simple tool will convert any photograph into something similar to Zombies. Hey, I have turned a famous persons image into Zombie effect, Can you guess that person name ? Check out the picture below and leave your replies in comments section.

Make Me Zombie.

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  1. miles says:

    i am a zombie

  2. alvin says:

    im a natural zombie.. since birth.

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