How to Track Your Brand with Social Media ?


If you are an Internet entrepreneur, you would definitely want to know how to track your brand with social media. By doing this, you can monitor and evaluate the strength and weaknesses of your product based on the comments, testimonies and perception of consumers and online users about your brand. You can do this through the following methods.

Google Alerts

You can program your Google Alerts to alert you when there are words, items or articles containing your brand name that appear in any article or post. You can do this by adjusting the Google settings. You can keep track of any item you would like to, using this innovative method.

Bookmark social sites

You can sign up with LinkedIn, Digg, Yahoo Buzz, and Friendster and bookmark the items you would like to track online. You can also opt to receive email alerts or newsletters from some social bookmarking sites. This is an effective way to track your brand. Almost all bookmarking and networking sites have a method to update you about items, words, articles or brands you are interested in. You can also use Google mail to do this.

Search Engines

You can submit your product site to search engines and adjust the setting to receive updates and newsletters about future postings of your brand. You can create a “short-cut” icon on your computers browser to facilitate easier tracking.
There are still several ways to track your brand online. You can browse other websites to search for useful tools in tracking your brand. This would help you plan well and institute some modifications if needed to your product. Knowing the users complaints and recommendations can assist you in producing a better product and a reliable and most sought-after brand.

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  1. Excellent write up, Kristina. Its always important to track our brands and it will really be easy if use the well known social media for this purpose. Thanks for sharing an useful article.

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