How to make a Mobile Blog ?


Blogging has become a popular online activity these days. There are several blogging platforms that you can use. You can choose to pay for your webhosting or not. You can either create your blog from two of the most popular blogging webhosting providers, Blogger and Word Press. While each has advantages and disadvantages it is up to you to select which provider can respond to your specifications. Once you have a created your blog. You may now make a mobile blog based on it. Here is how to make a mobile blog.

Blogger Blogs Procedure

After you have created your blog, go to the “settings” tab and you will notice some links below it. Click on the 7th link marked “email and mobile.’

A new page will appear. Fill out the necessary information.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Add mobile devices.” You may want to click the “Learn more about mobile devices,” first, to know more about mobile posting.

Once you have clicked on the “Add mobile device,” a small page will appear revealing a code that you should send through your mobile device to go[@]

You may also want to register through your mobile phone by texting “REGISTER” to BLOGGER to 256447.

A code will be sent for you to access your blog through your cell phone. It is easier to register through your blog settings though, because you will not have to merge again your registration from your mobile with your blog.

Word Press Blogs Procedure

For free Word Press blogs, you do not have to set up anything. Word Press has already a system in place for your mobile posting just by using the Brave New Code available to all Word Press users. You can also use free Word Press Mobile Plug-in created by several Word Press developers. They are relatively easy to set up. All you have to do is to enable the Plug-in in your blog’s dashboard.

Significant Pointers in Using Mobile Posting

You can also post through your email or SMS in both Word Press and Blogger hosted blogs. You have to ascertain though that your mobile posting is compatible with most phone models.

Test the mobile version of your site or blog by viewing it from a mobile phone. Avoid setting fixed width sizes but provide various screen sizes and resolutions so that your blog could be viewed properly by different mobile LCDs.

Avoid posting very large images as this will slow down your blog’s downloading time. If you need to post pictures, they should be in .jpeg or .gif forms.

Provide a home button for every page so that your mobile blog user can easily move from one page to another.

Design your pages in such a way that it is not so big to be viewed from a mobile gadget. Your host provider has instructions in doing this.

You are now ready to update your blog through your mobile phone. Enjoy your blog with mobile posting.

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