I have surfed 1350 meters on the internet, how far can you surf ?


This is pure fun. Find out how far you can surf on the internet. I have surfed 1350 meters on the interent. You can calculate the distance surfed in meters, cms, inches, miles and feets. Can you reach the end of interent ? I’m not sure what’s the tech behind this extension and wondering how it calculates the numbers ..

Chrome Odometer extension for Google Chrome calculates how far you surfed in the internet. It delivers the values in meters, cms, inches, miles and feets. Suppose for example, if you install the extension, it starts counting your surf distance.

Once you’ve installed this extension, start Googling. I mean just hit Google and start surfing, you can see the increase in numbers on the extension icon in your address bar. Nothing else that can be explained here. Just get away and try out the extension

Download Chrome Odometer extension.

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  1. I think it counts by measuring the current server location to the desired site on the web or any server in the world it may use the GPRS service for this application

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