Get Notification When ever New Video is Uploaded on YouTube


You may have subscribed to your favorite YouTube channels through YouTube subscription. When a new video is added to one of your subscribed channels on YouTube, then get notifications immediately. Be the first one to watch the video from your favorite subscribed channel.

YouTube Subscription Monitor extension for Google chrome shows notification if a new video is uploaded to one of your favorite subscribed channels on YouTube. Once you’ve installed the extension on your Chrome browser, It displays the latest videos from your subscription in a pop-up. You can optionally have desktop notifications too.

If you’ve already logged into YouTube, it automatically detects the username of all your subscribed channels. If not, you can manually enter the username of the subscriber and get notifications.

Download YouTube Subscription Monitor

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  1. Praveen-Techperk says:

    This is a good one but it should not bring more mails to fill the Inbox

  2. Something like Google Alerts. Good new YouTube feature. :)

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