Get Contact button for your website with ContactMe


Some time back we had seen the Feedback button for blogs and websites. Now its time to get the contact button for websites. Using Contact buttons on websites and blogs allows readers and visitors to get in touch with you. Adding stylish contact buttons on your blog floating on the side can be done with ContactMe service.

ContacMe is a simple web service that allows you to add Contact button to websites and blogs. ContactMe provides free stylish contact buttons for blogs. Simply sign up a free account with Once you’ve signed up, then start selecting the color and the side of website which you need your contact button to be floated such as right side top, bottom, center etc.

Get the code and paste it on your blog. If you’re using WordPress, then you can use the ContactMe WordPress plugin to add contact buttons to your WordPress blog. These contact buttons are built in with contact forms. If you already have a contact button, then you can separately embed the contact forms too. – Create, add contact buttons for websites

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