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You can easily record a screencast directly from you browser. We had discussed alot of screen capture tools for Windows as well as Screen capture extensions for Firefox and Chrome which can take full page screenshots and also capturing particular area on your screen. Now this is completely an online tool to screen capture your desktop screen from your browser.

If you need to record a video of your web activity which is must if you’re teaching some tutorials to your friends which cannot be explained in text, then a video screen-cast is essential to understand it easily. Here is an online tool which doesn’t require any signup, No software to install or download. Just hit the website, start recording desktop screen as video.

Screencastle is a simple web app that lets you to record your screen online from your browser. Just hit the red button on the screencastle website and start recording your desktop screen where you can talk on the microphone to explain the steps that you’re performing on the screen.

At the end of the video, once you complete it, you can send it to your friends, share on social networking sites such as twitter, facebook etc.

ScreenCastleRecord your Desktop Screen Online

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