Free Online Audio Voice Recording Service with Vocaroo


If you’re looking for a free voice recording service, then Vocaroo is the best free voice recording service online in recent times. No recording audio software to be installed, just an online tool that lets you to record your voice online for free. You can easily create audio recordings, voice record just by single click.

Vocaroo is a free online voice recording service that lets users to record their voice. It is purely an online tool, so you don’t have to install any software in your computer. All you need is just a microphone, if your pc has an in-built microphone, then well good.

Just hit and click to record your voice. Once you click to record, authorize your microphone by allowing to access the web service. Now start recording your voice. Now you’ve recorded, click to stop and you can listen your voice online. You can also download it to PC. Find the download link at the bottom of the page.

You can embed the voice recording on any website and share it to any social networking site such as Facebook, twitter etc. You can also email your friend to listen your voice. Excellent service to record voice, audio online. I have just tried Vocaroo and here is the sample. Click the below icon to hear the voice recorded using Vocaroo.

Try Vocaroo – Free online voice recording tool

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