Find Weather Forecasts for your city via Twitter Direct Messages


Twitter, it is an interesting tool according to me. Not only for networking and engaging with people, it can also be turned down into useful app. On the past we had discussed how to use twitter as alarm clock, reminder application and also tracking your order package.

Tweetmete is a fun application and sometime useful one too. It forecasts weather for your city and sends them as Direct message to you on twitter. Just sign in using your twitter account set your preferences and start receiving your forecast.

Allow Tweetmete to access your twitter account via OAuth and then tell the city, time and frequency in which you wish to obtain weather information updates. It fetches it from Yahoo news weather. Now twitter as a meteorological service platform.

Once you’ve signed in using OAuth, follow @tweetmete on twitter. So that it could send you the weather information as Direct message. After following on twitter, come back to and fill out the setting preferences.


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  1. Siva says:

    Great post, Sri! Well, do you have any idea how to develop twitter api based add-ons?

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