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Most of us are hooked to social networking and twitter is one among my favorites. It’s perfect for sharing quick thoughts that pops in my head. It’s not heavy like Facebook and solves the purpose of why I want to be on a social network . The idea is to connect with people and find new souls from far across and network with them . Well Facebook also does this but it shows me too much information . One more important reason why people come online is to get validated . The little like link in a Facebook has lot of importance . This is something that twitter doesn’t have.

This is where fills in the gap . is like a “Like” button for twitter. The missing quarter in the pie. The below video exactly explains what does.

Remember the fun starts after logging in , but one can always see the most popular tweets which have been favorite . The Leader-board is something to watch out for . I found some real funny tweets . Once you sign in your tweets also can also  be favorite by others :) ..

When you star a tweet you are not your using your twitter rate limit . This sites work independently though you are required to sign in with twitter username and password.

Enough said , now go ahead and experience

There is a premium version too for the real addicts , the premium version has few feature and the features can be viewed here

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