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Now the questions is, how to find out the expiring domain names ? Where to buy expiring domain ? Can we get the expiring domains list ? You can register expiring domain easily with DropDay. There are many domain checker tools available on the web which indicates you whether the domain is available to register or its already registered.

There is a funny saying, Domains are like girls, the one which you like is already taken. *Laughing out loud* so how can we find if the domain is expiring soon or not ? This helps us to be awake and register the same domain when it gets expired.

The next question which raise in your mind is, why should some one go for an expiring domain ? Why not a new brand one ? Do you know, the brand new domain takes some time for itself to get indexed properly for keywords that you’re targetting. really it takes hell lot of hard work to get ranked in search engines and various online directories. But if you get an old domain which has already indexed and some keyword strength in it, then you can quickly target your work.

DropDay is a simple web service that allows you to find the expiring domains. It shows the expring domain list in the next four days. You can categorise down into visits per day, Google PageRank, Google inbound links, creation year, and other pertinent data.

When you click on the domain name, it show you the entire detail such as visits per day, page rank, alaexa rank, Google backlinks, yahoo backlinks, age, history, expiring date etc and also where to buy it.

Check out DropDay – Expiring Domain Checker tool

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