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Ebay, Amazon, Best buy are online shopping stores. If you’re shopping online, the first that we would expect is a ebay local bargain or amazon bargain price to get the products at cheaper price. When you surf usually on these sites, you will always find more distracting content ads and other unwanted texts. To avoid this, finding products with an excellent visual search is what all we need.

Spotli is a simple visual product search engine that will be of great help to find products that we need at affordable prices. Just simply begin the search on various auction sites such as Ebay, Amazon, Best Buy, Craiglist etc to find out good deals.

You can also get coupons and deals on Ebay, Amazon etc. Just select the store from the navigation tab and search for the product. You can separate products such as high budget, low budget, auction ending soon, etc. when you hover the mouse on the specific product, you get some details and you can also share it on facebook instantly.

Also the main positive thing is, unlike the original sites like Ebay, Amazon, you wont find any distraction. You will get the images of all products where you can filter your searches easily. Also check out How to monitor Ebay auctions and Win the bid at the last moment.

Spotli – Visual product search engine

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