How to Create FAQ sections in WordPress with FAQ Builder Plugin


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions, if you’re developing an application or program and for readers to interact or clarify their doubts about the app there will be a seperate FAQ page. Also if readers, users who need to raise some more doubts regarding the application program, then there would be separate column for adding the questions, so that once they’re answered, it will appear on the FAQ page. Now how to create a FAQ page on WordPress website or blog ?

FAQ Builder WordPress plugin is one of the best wordpress faq plugin available for FAQ management on WordPress sites. This extension allows us to create a section of questions and answers in our blog or website, gettings questions from readers and answers correctly grouping it.

This FAQ builder WordPress plugin lets you to manage Frequently Asked Questions page on your blog. FAQ Builder for WordPress allows you to receive questions from your readers, and to manage and display them with answers too.

Actually you can embed this FAQ sections on any blog post or separate page in your WordPress website or blog. It usually formats all the questions and answers neatly as 20 questions & answers per page. If you exceed that, it automatically begins paginating. All the questions which are received from the readers are displayed only after the approval of the admin. You can edit, delete FAQ and its fully customizable.

Now let’s see how to install and use this FAQ builder plugin on WordPress website or blog. Follow the step by step tutorial.

1. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard

2. Go to Plugins > Add new > Type ‘FAQ Builder’ in the search box

3. Install the FAQ Builder WordPress plugin from the search results.

4. Once you’ve installed, you can see a FAQ builder tab appearing below the settings

5. Now click on that FAQ builder tab, there you can see how to display FAQ builder questions and answers on blog post or WordPress pages.

6. You can display them easily. To display the FAQ Builder Page (with the search form), place the following code into the content of a page or post: [faq_build_page]

7. To display the FAQ Builder Ask Form, place the following code into the content of a page or post: [faq_build_ask]

8. Now I’m adding a separate page for FAQ on my WordPress blog, Go to Pages > Add New > Select HTML view of the post.

9. Place the codes in the post and Click Publish

10. Now you can view the FAQ page on your blog. It will show the form for readers where they can ask their questions. Since you don’t have any pre-written Questions and answers, it will show No Answers found.

11. You can also publish the FAQ page with pre-written questions and answers. Suppose if you want to publish some basic steps and information about your product, you can publish the FAQ page with pre written questions and answers.

12. You can write the questions and answers from the FAQ Builder Tab on your admin dashboard. Once you’re in, you can see a option of ‘Add New Question’ under Manage Questions tab.

13. Now you can see the FAQ page with questions displayed. It also has a search box, where readers can search the FAQ questions. It is also attached with the ask form, so that readers can ask the questions and it will be appearing on the FAQ builder dashboard for approval.

14. When you check out the ask form, there are categories where people can categorize their questions based on general topic, technical topic, support topic or any other topics. So to create different categories, you can check out FAQ builder categories sub tab to add more categories to the FAQ page.

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial on creating FAQ page for WordPress sites. You can check out our WordPress column where we discuss about alot of WordPress tutorials, security tips, how to guides, useful plugins etc.

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  1. Anish K.S says:

    Thanks Srivathsan, its a very useful plugin. will check this.

  2. Hi, This looks like just what I’m looking for on my site. Up ’til now I’ve been typing in ‘generic’ questions and answers into a post then answering new ones in the Comments – this looks much more time friendly for page formatting purposes!

    • yes, adding to it, you can attach it anywhere, below any of the pages and posts. For example, you can attach the ask question form below your contact form, that would give readers more chance to ping you.

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