Delete Browsing History in Firefox with History Deleter


Normally when you browse on the internet, the website links which you visit will be stored in your browsing history. It will be helpful when sometimes you want to check back the website which you visited last week. You can open your Firefox browsing history and find out the exact website which you’ve visited earlier, But if you’re doing some illegal things and want to delete Firefox browsing history completely, then you can do it easily with an addon.

Already in the past, we had discussed about deleting browsing history, temporary files, cookies on Firefox and also the default method of deleting the browsing history in different browsers, now with a simple addon, in just one click, you can delete your Firefox browsing history.

History Deleter Firefox addon allows you to delete browsing history of Firefox with some rules such as you can delete the history by keywords, Page title, visited atleast more than 2 times or by date.

Download History Deleter Firefox Addon

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