Customize Facebook with Skin colors, Facebook Emoticons, Dont Like Button for Facebook with SocialPlus


Few days back we had seen a chrome extension that lets you to customize your facebook profile by adding background images, separate column for facebook stream updates, transparency in Facebook and much more. Now I have another extension which does more than the previous one. Amazing extension for Facebook lovers that customizes facebook profile with skin colors, adds facebook emoticons and much more.

Social Plus extension for Google chrome lets you to completely customize your Facebook profile. You can add Facebook Skins to your Facebook account, You can add Facebook emoticons to status updates and all the posts, there is a Don’t like button for each update, album slideshow, you can view the photos just by moving the mouse hover the photo, you can add ratings to the status updates, keyboard navigation and new notifications. Lets see all the features one by one.

Features of Social Plus :

Facebook Skins – You can add different skins to your facebook profile such as mountain, flowers, bikes, snow, plain colors etc. Check out the below picture where I added a flower skin to my facebook profile

You can access this skin from the Social plus settings which can be found beside the account settings on the top of your facebook profile. If you click on settings, you can see profile skin management etc,

It adds a Don’t like button to the status updates, if you like the status, you can click on the facebook like button, if you don’t like, use this don’t like button.

You can add public ratings to the status updates. They have given 5 star where you can rate the status updates.

You can also see a small box on top of the images posted on Facebook. You can just move your mouse over it and the image will be zoomed for view. You don’t have to click on the photo and watch the album, just move over it and facebook zoom the photos.

When you add emoticons, it is turned into pictures. Check out the below picture, you will understand.

Finally it adds keyboard navigation. For example, If you press the letter ‘V’, it will display all the videos shared, if you press the letter ‘H’ it goes to the homepage, same like ‘P’ for Profile, N for notifications, Q for logout and many more.

Download Social Plus for Chrome

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  2. Oh thats awesome, are these enhancements in the facebook are limited for the premium account users or the free users

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