Create Picture Book from Flickr Images with Bookr


Last time we saw how to make a book from your tweets, now its time for creating Flickr book with all your favorite Flickr images albums. It’s a virtual picture book created out of Flickr pictures. Why should need a virtual flickr book ? If you’re interested in showing off some of your favorite pictures from Flickr or want to combine a tag for a social cause, you can tag all the pictures and make it as a virtual book.

Bookr is an awesome interesting web application for Flickr lovers. You can create a virtual book from Flickr images under creative commons license. All you need to do is, select images from particular user or search using tags. Once the images are listed, drag them and put it off the book.

You can turn the pages of books with the small icon beside it, add images to it, label it, add title etc. Once this is done, finally publish your work to share with other users. Bookr is the quickest and easiest way to create book from flickr images.

Bookr – Create Photobook from Flickr images

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  1. samm says:

    how do you get your photo stream onto bookr

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