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Sharing your vacation photos with family and friends online can be made easy with Yogile. You can create an photo album online, share it with friends etc. Already we had discussed alot about Online Photo sharing and also Online Photo Printing services. Now adding to the photo sharing websites, Yogile has some unique features. let’s check out them.

Yogile is a group photo sharing website. Its simple, unique and excellent online tool for everyone. All you need to do is, just signup for a free account, select a password for locking your photo album and start uploading your pictures, create photo albums, share it with friends and family. Let me explain how it works.

Once you’ve signed up for a free account, login to Yogile and Create an album. When I logged into Yogile, I created a photo album named ‘ My favorite Cricket Stars ‘. Then I browsed the photos from my computer and uploaded them to Yogile.

After I finished uploading to Yogile, we can view it as slideshow, download the entire photo album, name title the photos, rearrange etc. Now when you click on the photo settings, you can see three things, Your album title, your password which you’ve used when signing up for locking your albums and a unique URL address by which you can share the photo album to your friends and family and also an email ID of Yogile to upload photos from email and mobile phone.

Now with the Unique URL of the photo album which you’ve created, you can send that unique url to your friends and family. they can view your photo album and also they can add some more pictures. This is known as Group photo sharing. For example, If you’ve added your vacation photos, you can share it with them and they can also add their vacation photos in the same Photo album

They don’t need to create a separate Yogile account. Once you’re sharing the unique URL of the photo album, you can share the photo album password which you’ve assigned while signing up. So with that password, the other user can open the album and add some more photos.

To make you understand better, see for example, I have created an Yogile account and added some photos. Go the Unique URL of my photo album which is and the password for unlocking the album is Password.

Unique URL :
Password : password

Now you can see my photo album and If you want, you can add some more photos to the album. Cool isn’t it ?

Check out Yogile – Group Photo Sharing Online

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  1. I did my own review of Yogile slightly more recently and they have also finally added an embed option for slideshows to not only be embedded into blogs, but users can add to the album from the slideshow widget in a blog. I thought that was a unique feature that helped it stand out from other photo sharing services.

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