Create Own Windows 7 Cursor, Myspace Cursor Online with Cursorwiz


Got bored of the default Windows vista cursor or Windows 7 cursor ? Then start creating your own cursor now. You can create cursor for myspace, Windows mouse cursor and customize your interface according to your taste.

Cursorwiz is a simple online tool that lets you to create, customize cursors online. You can create your own cursors or customize myspace cursors and also customize cursors for your Windows operating system. Start creating one now.

All you need to do is, just select the tool, start drawing on the canvas area. Make your own design with different brush patterns etc. Once you have completed, you can test it online for how it looks in your computer when you move around the mouse cursor on the screen. if you’re satisfied, you can download as cursor file and also image file.

Now if you download it as cursor file as ‘.cur’ file extension. Let’s check out how to install it as your mouse pointer. Now go to control panel > mouse properties > pointers. Then browse through the downloaded .cur file and install it as your new mouse pointer.

The mouse pointer drawing canvas uses silverlight app as base. So if you have’nt installed silverlight app, first install it and then try out. Google for Silverlight to get the download link.

Download Cursorwiz

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Only for win 7 ? any tool for XP ?

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