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The recent survey says that, almost 50% of the people use internet from their mobile phones regularly. This shows how the mobile technology has grown with more and more like 3G services in India and many countries are already experiencing the 3G power. So on the coming years, mobile phone plays a major role in using the internet. Already on the past, we had seen how to optimize your website for the mobile view ? Now here is another tool to create a friendly mobile version of your blog.

You must clearly understand, the website which you’ve created can be very well seen on the big screen of your desktop computer or laptop. When you consider the small mobile phone screen, have you ever thought of optimizing your website for the mobile users who visit your website or blog ? As like what you’ve designed for desktop monitors, so you should do the same justice for the mobile users too. They should also feel comfortable in navigating your website, content should be visible, pictures should shrink according to the mobile screen display etc.

MobStac B is an awesome tool to create a mobile friendly blog in few minutes. Just sign up and enter your blog URL. Then customize your mobile site and see instant preview of your mobile site on various types of mobile device screens and once you’re satisfied, continue to create your entire mobile version of your website or blog. You can easily integrate with your WordPress powered blog through a native plugin

Check out the demo video which explains how to create your own mobile website ?

MobStac B – Create mobile website for Free

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