Create Graphic Animations for PowerPoint Presentations with Oomfo


Already Microsoft PowerPoint has free animations, graphical charts but they are limited. Adding our own graphical animations in powerpoint is pure bliss. Moving animations for powerpoint can be done easily with Oomfo. The graphic charts, animations in powerpoint is limited. Why ordinary when you can be awesome ? Let’s take a look at Oomfo.

Oomfo is a simple program that integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint, it allows us to create and customize graphic animations, stunning visual charts, animated graphs, 2D / 3D charts, etc. You can easily copy data from Excel spreadsheet which is possible with out any pain.

Once you’ve installed, it automatically merge with your Microsoft PowerPoint. Now to use Oomfo, go to Microsoft PowerPoint > Insert > Oomfo > chart. (If you’re using office 2003). If you’re using office 2007/2010 ribbon, you can find it under Insert tab.

Now Oomfo window opens and you can see all the options, start creating graphical animation charts and visuals with their step by step wizard. Once you’ve done with that, you can click finish and insert it on your presentation. You can match it with your current presentation template or theme.

You can edit the chart, export the graphical chart as an image too. Check out the video below for the uses and examples :

Download Oomfo

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