Create Flowcharts Online for free with Grapholita Silverlight App


We had talked alot about creating flowcharts online, visio flowcharts, online diagram tools, illustrator tools etc. Now adding to the list of online flowchart creating tools, Grapholita joins in. Start drawing now with Grapholita, a silverlight based web app for creating flowcharts online. No download, No install, No sign up. Just start creating..

Grapholita is a simple web application which is based on the Silverlight technology which allows us to create, draw flowchart diagrams without having to install anything on your PC. You can start from a blank document and you can create plenty of flowcharts and save it.

You can add the flowchart symbols from the sidebar of the application, where you can add colors, designs to the flowchart designs. You can insert pictures apart from default flowchart symbols and also arrange the size of the page.

Once you’ve done with everything, you can click on the File > export > export as PNG, JPG file formats. So that you can use the image in any third party applications. You can save your flowchart design in image file formats.

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  1. Crunchynow says:

    Nice apps…

    i have tried it …thanls…..

  2. Fan says:

    Nice app, though I like the write-up more that you did about Lucidchart. Their flowcharts and iphone mockups are very cool.

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