Create, Convert DVD to MKV format with MakeMKV


MKV file format which is known as Matroska Multimedia Container which is an open standard free container that can hold unlimited number of audio, video, images, subtitle track, meta information inside a single file preserving all the chapters. All together, it can hold all the information of the entire movie with multiple sound track, other meta informations into a single file. It is an patent free application, so that it can be used anywhere.

What makes you to convert DVD, Blu-ray discs to MKV files ? first one is patent free, second one is if your laptop doesn’t support DVD or blu-ray discs, you can convert it to MKV format and play it. MKV files are compact. For exactly the same content MKV files are about 10% smaller than DVD files and roughly 40% smaller than Blu-ray files.

MakeMKV is a freeware that lets you to convert DVD, Blu-ray discs into patent free format MKV files. Just select the DVD file and One click convert to MKV files. It can be played on your favorite OS and favorite devices. Look out for the features of MakeMKV below :

  • Reads DVD and Blu-ray discs
  • Reads Blu-ray discs protected with latest versions of AACS and BD+
  • Preserves all video and audio tracks, including HD audio
  • Preserves chapters information
  • Preserves all meta-information (track language, audio type)
  • Fast conversion – converts as fast as your drive can read data.
  • No additional software is required for conversion or decryption.
  • Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Functionality to open DVD discs is free and will always stay free.
  • All features (including Blu-ray decryption and processing) are free

Download MakeMKV – Create MKV files

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  1. Ashton says:

    Smart DVD Creator is the easiest way to create professional or home DVDs. It takes just a couple of clicks.

  2. i agree with you ashton the simple DVD Maker is good enough for this purpose but in this it is not specified about the extraenhancements

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