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You might have read comics online such as naruto online comic and many more. Have you ever thought of creating your own comic character and comic books ? You can create your own comic characters online easily. Already we had discussed alot about creating comic books, novels using Comic master app and also how to read comic books with cbr, cbz extensions ? Now let’s see how to create comic characters online.

PikiKids is a simple online tool to create your comics with its simple wizard. Now you know that you can create comics online with PikiKids, let’s check out its features and what special it offers to all ?

First you need to signup for a free account with PikiKids that gives you entire control over your comic. You can save your comic and come back later to continue with it. So a sign up is required. Once you’ve signed up, select your comic panel. How you want your comic strip to be displayed ? In a 3 grid panel, or 4 grid panel and it displays upto 10 grids.

Once you’ve selected with that, now choose the grid color, background color, panel size, cell size between each grid etc. After finishing that, upload pictures and start creating your comic. You can upload pics from your computer or search on flickr and select a pic from it. It has an in-built flickr search, where you can search for pics from flickr and embed it directly.

You can add background images, bubbles, icons, to make your comic more attractive. You can also add image effects to your comic pictures. Once you’ve finished, you can save your work or request a print of your work. It is one of the best tool for young childrens to improve their creativity.

PikiKids – Create your Comics online

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