Convert Pictures into Text with Photo2Text


Already we had seen two online tools for converting photos into pencil sketch and also photos into ascii art. Adding to the photo conversion tools, now we have an excellent online tool to convert photos into text.

Photo2Text is an application that allows you to transform your colorful photo into text letters. This Photo2Text app uses words and signs as translator key. All you need to do is, just browse the photo from your PC and upload it to Photo2Text app. Then, it converts your photo into text format.

You can adjust the brightness of the text converted photo, select your own text formats, text size, change characters etc. You can also download the photo in text format to your computer. The app also allocates a special page for your Photo. I have uploaded my photo and converted into text. Take a look here at my special Photo2Text page.

Photo2Text– The name of the app says it all.

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  1. Crunchynow says:

    lolz….this looks cool….

  2. Semuadolar says:

    very creative software….i will download now

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