Check Loading time of your website from Different locations


We had discussed alot about website loading time and how it will affect your website in terms of search rankings etc. Infact, Google search rankings are partly based on the website loading speed. If you’re website is loading fast, then your blog post and content will rank higher on Google search engines. We have also seen tools to compare loading time between two websites and here are few tips to reduce the website loading time. Know lets find out the loading time of your website from different locations.

When ever you check the loading time of your website using any online tool, it will display the loading time according to your location and also your internet speed matters. Let’s find out how much time does your website take for loading in different locations, states and countries.

Ping Brigade is a cool web service that lets you to find out how long does your website take to load on different locations. It tests the loading time of the sites for several locations around the world. It makes several consecutive loads from several places (especially the United States to be clear) and displays the mean time

Ping Brigade will help you to find out the average loading time of the website from different locations. Must check out tool for webmasters.

Ping Brigade

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  1. very useful for Bloggers and Website Owners :)

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