Best Spyware, Malware Removal tool with WormBlaster Malware Protector


To remove all the malwares, spywares in your system which makes your computer slow down, certain security tools are must. Normally computer users are attacked with malware trojan, malware viruses. So there are plenty of anti malware remover and kaspersky virus removal tools, spyware free remover tools etc. Today we have a virus removal tool named ‘ Malware Protector ‘ from WormBlaster.

WormBlaster Malware Protector is a freeware virus removal tool for Windows machine. It removes all the virus, malwares, spywares from your computer including worms, Trojan Horses. It can fix malwares, repair errors, find hidden infected files and protects your system from unwanted infections.

The easy to use interface enables users to clean up their computer. Just download malware protecter, install it on your PC. open the virus removal tool, browse the folder or directory which you want to scan and start scaning it. Once it finds malwares, viruses, it removes them.

It is also loaded with useful utilities like clean manager, console window, Disk defragmenter, registry editor, security center, system restore etc. You can completely optimize your computer and make is fast operating system boot.

The WormBlaster Malware Protector is binded with Conflicker worm remover and update engine file. So when ever a new release is updated, you can use this update engine to update your malware protector tool. The malware virus removal tool is completely free.

Download Malware Protector Virus Removal Tool

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