Best Alarm Software for Windows PC


There ain’t any in-built Windows alarm software, but many third party developers have come up with this useful free clock alarm software that wakes you up at the right time. I was suprised to see so much features in this free alarm clock software. The best tool you must have if you sleep near your computer desk. No need of any clock, just use this computer alarm clock.

Banshee Screamer is an free alarm clock for Windows PC. It has hell lot of features that is more than the alarm clock radio. It has visual skins, audio sounds for alarm music, Snooze button, Count timer and supports 10 languages. You can simply set the alarm by clicking on the options. You can add a reminder text to the alarm.

You can also automatically activate on weekdays, so that there is no need to set alarm daily. You keep the alarm music as standard beep or play from any cd file, or play an mp3 music file or execute any document, program or URL. You can also shut down with the alarm. Set the alarm and when it rings, the system will shut down itself.

If you’re not sure with the exact time, you can sync the alarm clock with the Internet time. Other than setting alarm, you can use it as clock, set timer, use it as count down clock etc. It has different visual skins which you can access via settings.

Download Banshee Screamer Free Alarm Clock for Windows

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