Beautify Facebook Profile, Add Facebook Background Image, Transparent Facebook theme, Make it Damn Sexy


Wow, I never thought of customizing my Facebook profile with lot of features such as adding Facebook background image to Facebook profile, changing Facebook background color, Fixing Facebook columns and much more. If you’re in a mood to revamp your Facebook profile, then go for it.

Beautify Facebook extension for Google chrome completely revamps your Facebook profile and gives you a new experience browsing Facebook. Just install Beautify extension and login to your Facebook account, you can see the changes effect.

You can play with the Beautify Facebook CR Edit options from the Tools > Extensions > Beautify facebook options. You can change the options menu position, change background color, you can keep standard color or gradient colors or have an custom background image. There is public gallery, if you don’t like the public gallery, you can upload your own image and keep it as Facebook background image.

Every update in the Facebook feed is separated with columns and bars which gives you a decent look. You can set the transparency level and also fix the navigation bar, left column and right column in your Facebook account. You can also tweak your facebook account by adding keyboard shortcuts, emoticons bar, favicon alerts and also hide sidebar elements such as advertisements, requests, pokes, connections, event messages, suggestions and online chat on the left sidebar.

Download Beautify Facebook for Google chrome

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  1. Razzil says:

    Well, I just tried the Extensions but i’m not satisfy the new look. I still prefer default facebook look.
    This extensions increases the load time of facebook.

  2. Kamlesh K says:

    Who will see the changes, only me or my friend also ?

  3. ‘ how df yuu doo diss ishh .. ??

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